Company Name Kazumo
Address 106 Grand Chariot Yoyogi Koen, 1-37-14 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO, 151-0063 JAPAN
Phone +81-3-5478-1081(Main)
Establishment February 4, 1992
Capital 50 million yen (Authorized capital 200 million yen) (Treasury stock 11 million yen)
Main Clients Commercial broadcasting companies
Production companies
NHK’s group companies
Film production/distribution companies
Banks Mizuho Bank Shibuya-Chuo Branch  Kiraboshi Bank Yoyogi Branch
Major Shareholders TBS Kikaku
Dentsu Inc.
Shotaro Oyama
Naonori Kawamura
Directors and Auditors President: Hiroaki Saito
Director: Naonori Kawamura
Director: Hiroaki Miki
Director: Takeshi Kikuchi (TBS) (an outside director)
Auditor: Hiroshi Shimozaki

Line of businesses

Planning, production, and direction… etc. of movies and dramas

Going beyond media borders, we realize high-level, superior films and stages by combining and concentrating fresh talents.

Agency for creators

Creators’ talents are the “keys” in all genres. In order to provide creators with the opportunities in which they can exercise their talents, we undertake agent business for them.

Planning, production, and direction of TV programs

Focusing on fresh and attractive “TV dramas”, we take on various genres such as documentaries, talk shows, informational programs, quiz shows, interstitial programs, etc.

Planning, production, and direction of videograms and television

We make all-out efforts to create videos suitable for media with an eye in the era where videos are getting more and more diverse.

Planning, production, and direction of events

In the age of sensibility where industries and companies are asked for cultural traits, we boldly propose and realize cultural events, seminars, symposiums, and global businesses.

Dispatch of multilateral contents

In the time and environment where various kinds of information transmission are possible, we deliver to users, luxurious and fresh video contents using DVD, CS, internet, and other advanced technologies.